Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All hallows Eve or All hallows Evil?

All Hallows’ Eve, better known as Halloween is a holiday celebrated every 31st day of October. Children including those who are kids at heart, dress up in different colored costumes; May it be a super hero, a celebrity or even a make believe character. You see, people dress up as witches, ghosts, goblins, or the ever so common devil (fully equipped with a pitch fork, of course). These days, people seem to forget the origins of this very day. Almost everybody consider it a working holiday. A holiday... Or is it an unholy-day?

According to a quick research, this day is very well connected to the Celtic festival of Samhain Eve (Samhain by the way was derived from the old Irish word samain; sam meaning summer and fuin meaning end); celebrated in ancient Britain and Ireland. People believed that it is during this day that the supernatural beings such as evil spirits and demons roam the earth to play tricks on humans to mark the season of the diminishing sunlight. After all, it is in Nov 1st which marks the beginning of winter; so they say.

So why do we celebrate a day which has connections with idolatry and the devil? Well, to be honest, only a few know about its not so glamorous history. Perhaps they do but they just don’t want to ruin it for the kids. Patrons of this day have ever since veered away from its roots. Today, they celebrate it with candies, intricately carved pumpkins and massive parties. Yes, boys and girls, you heard me right…massive parties.

I suppose it’s not so bad anymore. At least we don’t go to the hill tops and worship you know who in regards to you know which (yes, I got this line from Harry Potter…cut me some slack, okay? XP) or maybe there are still those who do worship you know who. From what the sources say, it is also this day that one can invoke the devil. Hmm,. Well that’s scary. Well then, trick or treat!

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