Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby steps!

Eversince we moved to America, little by little, I started to forget about the place where I spent most of my 15 years in life. Waking up early and smelling Lola Gunding's cooking, gone. Pagbu-bu sa mga tanom palibot sa balay, gone. hanging out with the neighborhood kids and looking for those creepy crawlers nga amo dayun ipa-away or take to Urios College and sell them to the ritzy little kids, gone. (ha! that was awesome, we made money out of those spiders) listening to the local radio station in the afternoon, gone. Waking up early Sunday morning for the mass, gone ( Pag murmuray na kamo!, Lola used to wake us up with this in our ears) Man, I miss her. God rest her soul. A lot more things and a lot more memories overwritten by western ones. I wanna remember those things again. I wanna see the people I grew up around. I wanna experience what it's like to be a Butuanon all over again. Luckily, I met this amazing person. She made me think about Butuan all over again. I see the city lights, the street food, the smiles and the laughter of every local through the eyes of her camera. Inspired by what I saw, I started my journey one step at a time. Baby steps, remember?


  1. Hi John, I'd love to read more of this. Your journey through life-- just like the name of your blog. Good luck on your new blog. And congratulations! =)

  2. kuya that was amazing.. i was nearly moved to tears! it just felt so good when you reminisce the memories that once made you smile...