Sunday, September 27, 2009


“Kumusta na po, bayang Pilipinas” this is what I heard from TV Patrol through TFC. It’s been days or maybe weeks since the motherland has been experiencing strong downpour and, well, flood all over the major cities especially in Manila. I am worried because I have friends and families who live in that area. An aerial view is scene and the people are busy helping each other. Moving on to another shot are people trying to save themselves from the chest-deep rush of muddy water. The metro area has since been under the state of calamity. Earlier today when I came to, I heard the celebrities trying to make multiple shout outs to both the government and the masses alike; asking them to help out and save those who were stranded on the roof tops and inside their houses that are now on the brink of being underwater. I can totally relate how they feel because I have experienced the same ordeal first-hand. What really irks me are those who are in higher office. They were interviewed (that stupid mole on her face) and they don’t even show any signs of concern. They are smiling like everything is cool. In actuality, people are suffering from this seemingly unending nightmare. Locals are crying because they have lost their loved ones and some are still missing at the moment. So, at this point, I call upon those who care, those who give a shit about their fellow countrymen to help out. If I was there I would, to the best of my ability. I hate to see my people suffer like this. Yes, it’s a natural disaster; things like this happen all the time. However, I don’t want to see my people beg for help from political fat cats who are as corrupt as the Marcos regime. Don’t let what happened to New Orleans during hurricane Katrina happen to my people.

A moment of silence to those who passed away and prayers go out to those who are still missing, stranded, feeling helpless, and those who are out there.
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